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Alleys is an adventure experience in which the player explores a theme park world full of quaint alleys that would fit perfectly in small towns in the English countryside. The gameplay is simple, with fewer of the complicated elements often found in puzzle games. All the player needs to do is to search for passageways, gather resources, and get immersed in the exquisite graphics and noir atmosphere. The player is free to choose where to go and can solve puzzles in any order to escape.



Alleys is a large-scale escape room hosted by a theme park, and the player is a tourist who has decided to take part in the escape experience. The player wanders through a fictional old English-style town, collects resources, solves puzzles, and overcomes obstacles to gradually discover the backstory woven throughout the alleys. In the end, the player finds the exit gate and escapes.



01.Alleys Exploration

The players must find the way through complicated alleys, buildings, and sewers.

04.Collect Resources

Player decides how to use the keys and other resources collected in the game. The decisions the player makes will affect the difficulty of the game.

02.Check in to Proceed

Accumulate points by activating the check-in stations found in new locations. Certain areas require a specific number of points to enter.

05.Solve Riddle on Tool Cards

Every Tool Card is its own little riddle. Figure out the meaning of the illustration to find out what the card can be used for.

03.Freely Choose Your Route

Alleys is a non-linear adventure puzzle game with no predetermined route. The player is free to explore and can escape the game as long as the conditions required to open the town exit gate are fulfilled.

06.Simple Controls

No need for virtual controllers—just swipe and tap to easily move around and interact with items.


"An immersive theme park escape experience on your mobile devices."




Hello world! My name is Shi-Chi Shen. I come from Taiwan. And I am the only developer of "Alleys." After a few years of experience in website and graphic design, I decide to challenge myself and make my dream come true, which is to join the indie game community and create my own adventure puzzle game. It took me about a year and a half to create "Alleys." Finally, I can introduce it to you and to the world what it's all about, and share my story of making my first game.

Before I start to make "Alleys," I spent a year to learn how to create a 3D world and the interactions in Unity Engine by using Blender, Substance Painter and Playmaker.

Substance Painter is a great texture painting tool. It's very easy to use, and It makes  texture painting not painful anymore.



If you have any question or need any help, just send me a message.

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